commission form

here are some rules and guidelines for commissioning me!
-please provide as much reference imagery as you can for commissions. be as specific as possible.
-i am open to weird and experimental ideas, so if there is a program you want to see me use, an experience you want me to have while creating the art (ie a song you want me to listen to/a place you want me to be), or an art technique you want me to use, let me know and send me information on how to do it (if applicable). i love trying new things and i can appreciate a challenge.
-be sure to credit me if you post it anywhere else.

i will draw:
people, your characters, pets, animals, fanart, abstract art, digital art, paintings, drawings, logos, album art, small animations/gifs
i will not draw:
anything racist, illegal, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, fascist, etc., scat, people you don't know, nsfw, nfts, anything cryptocurrency-related, anything you intend to sell without my permission
i reserve the right to refuse any commissions for any reason. if that is the case, i will refund your money, but you will not receive art from me.

commissions are calculated based on:
how long it takes me to create it + how much materials cost + how many revisions i do (at a rate of $10 per revision after the first one) + shipping/handling (if applicable)
once we agree upon the commission, i will ask for half up front and the other half after i finish. here's a general guideline for how much things will be:
$50 for a sketch + 1 free revision
$75 for a more detailed sketch, maybe color + 1 free revision
$100 for a fully colored drawing with a full background + 1 free revision
$150 for a custom 8 in. x 10 in. painting + 1 free revision
$180 for a custom 11 in. x 14 in. painting + 1 free revision
$200 for a 10 frame gif/animation loop + 1 free revision